June 18, 2008

US Open, Running

Aaron worked at the US Open all last week. He got hired for this job a while back and had been looking forward to it for months. It was great money for something he really had fun doing. Anyway, on Sunday when Tiger and Rocco tied the company that Aaron's tent was catering for gave Aaron 2 tickets for the Monday playoff.

Aaron was originally planning on scalping the tickets for money, but Tyler had been planning on trying to get tickets already, and I really wanted to go, so Tyler and I took some time of work and the three of us got to go together. Aaron didn't have to work since his tent was closed, but he could still get in with his vendors badge. We had a really good time. We got seats at the 18th hole and were able to watch Tiger tie the game again!

Aaron went back on Tuesday to get some merchandise 1/2 off too. So I am planning on sending my grandpa a program, my ticket from Monday and a cool polo shirt that says "Marshall" on it. He's going to really enjoy that. I just have to get it in the mail now. :)

I've started running again. When I got new trail running shoes I went to Roadrunner and had them analyze my running style to make sure I got the right kind of shoe. I had them do that the last time that I bought shoes too. Well, apparently my feet have completely changed since I was in high school. I used to have rather flat feet and I needed stabililty shoes to correct my stride so I wouldn't put too much pressure on the wrong parts of my leg while running. Well, over time, I managed to fix my flat foot problem all on my own. I no longer need stability shoes at all. In fact, I have a rather high arch. The guy who was doing the test was absolutely amazed and told me that the shoes that I was running in could have been a huge factor in the stress fractures that I was getting everytime I decided to go running.

So, I decided to give the new shoes a shot to see if I could run pain-free. So far everything seems to be going okay. Obvioulsy I'm not pushing myself too hard though, and I'm staying off cement and asphalt completely. On the days that I don't go running Aaron and I have been going on bike rides... I love the summer! It's so much fun. Aaron and I really want to go kayaking this summer also. We are talking about maybe doing that or going white water rafting for our anneversary. Aaron is also interested in playing golf after having been at the Open all week and I'm inclined to give that a shot too. I will be horrible though. I have awful hand-eye coordination. But hey, anything that gets us outside is awesome!

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