February 22, 2009

So, as always I seem to be starting this blog with the standard "it's been a long time" preface.

Anyway, It HAS been a long time an a lot has happened since last October, and since there is no way I'm going over all of it I'll go over a couple of highlights. One was our camping trip out on Mt Laguna. It is beautiful out there and I can't wait to go back soon. I believe that I have found my favorite spot in all of San Diego out there (thus far anyway) at the top of the short nature hike. Part of the PCT runs through that area and it was fun to hike on it. I really would like to hike the whole thing some day.

We also went on our winter vacation. This year, we spent a week in Yosemite. We knew there would be snow and didn't feel that we were quite prepared for snow camping just yet, so we decided to stay in the Yosemite Lodge. It turns out, that we were probably prepared just fine. Oh well. It was a great trip anyway. We spent most of the time snow shoeing and had a wonderful time. It was the first time we had ever done it and we absolutely loved it. We were able to see some amazing sights, including a perfectly pristine alpine meadow. Besides one other person (who just so happened to be a ranger that we met a long the trail) we were the first people there in weeks. I really do love Yosemite with all my heart. There is no place quite like it. We also took a day to check out the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. It is so sad that a valley got covered up like that, but the area is still beautiful. I definitely want to go back and do some backpacking in that area.

Just before we left for that trip, I got a promotion at work. It's not a really big thing, but it allows me to work an earlier shift for the same pay I was at with the night shift differential. That was NICE.

Aaron, Joey and I have also started geocaching. If you want to check it out the website is Geocaching.com. Basically, if you have a GPS, you can upload the map for the area that you are intending to hike in and it will give you the coordinates to any "geocaches" in the area. Ususally what you will find in these areas is an old ammo box (or something similar) with a log book inside. People who find them usually also leave some small trinket (based on the size of the geocache) if you leave something, you can take something. From our experience, nothing of any real value gets left in these so it's not exactly like treasure hunting or anything, but sometimes you can find some pretty cool stuff. For example, there is a geocache on Iron Mountain that has inside of it a US Naval coin that was left by the "captain of the boat" for the USS Helena. There are also a couple of different types of trackable items, the bug and the coin.

The idea behind these is that each one has a tracking number. When you find it, you bring it home, log it into the computer as found, and then drop it off in a new location. Some even have missions, or goals. We found one coin that started in North Carolina back in 2007 and it's goal was to get to Sacramento by May of 2008. There were several of these coins sent out by different people and whoever's made it to Sacramento first won. Unfortunately for the originator of the coin that we found it never made it quite that far, but we are still going to drop it off further north than we found it (as much as is convenient anyway.) Not all of them have missions though, some just travel around and you can check on their progress to see where they end up.

The website gives some pretty strict guidelines to keep these things under control. For example, nothing can be buried, nothing can be on private property, etc... Each geocache has a name and there is a place to report inappropriate geocaches. For example there is one up at the top of iron mountain that somebody turned into a dump for old magazines. Basically everybody who goes there now carts some home in an effort to clean up the place. The three of us think we'll go up there sometime soon with backpacks and just cart out as much as we can. It's good to know that most of the people who are doing this really do have a love for nature and keep the environment in mind when they are doing this. All of the geocaches that we have found (with the exception of that one) have been securely closed and well hidden so as not to detract from the beauty of the landscape or to be inviting or harmful to the wildlife.

We're thinking that we are going to hike Woodson to Poway Lake next weekend. It should be a good hike, and we'll drop off one of the travelling bugs that we've found. If anyone reads this and wants to come along, give me or Aaron a call.

October 04, 2008


Okay, I know that I said my next blog would be a continuation of my vacation... but I've been writing that with Aaron (so that I don't miss anything) and well, we just don't have that much time together right now. So, vacation blogs are put on hold for the time being.

I've been studying for my Series 7. It's supposed to be a ridiculously difficult test. I don't know... I won't really know until after I take it. I'm doing okay with the study material and I take my greenlight Monday. (That's the test given by my company, if I don't pass it then I don't get to take the real thing.) So, studying all weekend... wish me luck.

If you've ever watched the show "Scrubs" you'll know this song. Someone told me once when the show first came out that it was not a complete song. However, I have recently found out that it is a whole song, with music video and everything. :) It helps me remember just how blessed I am to have family and friends who support me, and even though my stubborn ways make me want to do everything on my own, that is not always the best decision. I don't need to be superman, I'm good enough just being plain 'ol me.

Out the door
Just in time
Head down the 405
Gotta meet the new boss by 8 am

The phone rings in the car
The wife is workin hard
She runnin late tonight again

Well I know what I’ve been told
U gotta work to feed the soul
But I can’t do this all on my own
No I know
I’m no superman
I’m no superman

And you've got your love online
U think you're doin fine
But you’re just plugged into the wall

And that deck of tarot cards
Won’t get u very far
There ain't no hand to break your fall

Well I know what I've been told
U gotta know just when to fold,
But I can’t do this all on my own
No I know
I’m no superman
I’m no superman

You’ve crossed the finish line
Won the race but lost your mind
Was it worth it after all?

I need u here with me
Cause love is all we need,
Just take a hold of the hand that breaks the fall

Well I know what I’ve been told
Gotta break free to break the mold
But I can’t do this all on my own

No I can’t do this all on my own
No I know
That I'm no
I’m no superman
I’m no superman

(Some day well be together)
I’m no superman
(Some day)
(Someday well be together)
I’m no superman

August 28, 2008

Long time

So, long time, no blog... It seems like I say that a lot. But I have an excuse this time, it's been so busy around here... and... I was out of town for a week, so there! Anyway, it looks like the last time I updated was just before Aaron and I took our anniversary trip, so I guess I'll start there.

We wanted to go somewhere neither of us had been before (within our relatively small budget) So, most places were out of the question, definitely no plane trips with the gas prices being so high. We were thinking Big Sur, but with the fires they were having at the time, we decided on Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

We drove up Saturday morning, we were exhausted from staying up the night before, saying good bye to people and attempting to pack. I don't think we actually got any packing done before we gave up for the night, we did it all in the morning. After stopping by the store for some quick last minute supplies we hit the road. The trip was mostly uneventful. We did however see this truck, which we thought was pretty amazing and lots of smashed tomatoes lining the roads- how come it seems like only tomato trucks don't secure their goods?

We got to Humboldt a few hours hour before dark and decided to willingly get roped in by one of the local tourist traps... for novelty's sake. It was mostly a waste of time but we got some nice pictures, so what the hey. We made it to the campsite mostly on schedule but we forgot to take the HUGE TREES into account. They block out the sun about 2 hours before it's actually dark. So we were setting up camp with flashlights. :)

We had purchased a new tent just before the trip, and hadn't had a chance to set it up yet. I guess it's a testament to how cool a tent it is that we still didn't seem to have any problems getting it set up. The camp site was pretty much perfect. Aaron and I both think that we couldn't have designed a better set up ourselves. There was a faerie ring with a perfectly flat surface for the tent off toward the back of the site that pretty much blocked all light or visibility from other campers. The table was the perfect distance from the fire pit which was the perfect distance from the truck and the "bird box." (We didn't have to worry about bears where we were, but we were told the blue jays would have a field day- so the boxes were mostly to keep the birds away.)Pretty much the only spot in the campsite that let any light from other campers in was the perfect spot for our clothes line, so we just hung up towels and didn't have to worry about it.

Sunday morning we woke up nice and late. It was so great to sleep in. Neither of us had really had a vacation in a while. So we decided to be kind of lazy for the first part of the day and just set up the rest of the camp. Once everything was situated we went for a short hike up towards Bull Creek. The forest was really cool. What really struck me was all of the Redwood Sorrel.

It absolutely blanketed the forest floor, and was so gorgeous!

Since this was our first hike in the park, it was our first opportunity to see how awful the park map really was. Since we weren't heading anywhere specific, just up the trail till we found a nice lunch spot and back, it wasn't really a problem. Once we found our spot though, we were trying to figure out about where we were (according to the park's map). We found it very difficult and were trying to guess based on the number of bridges we had crossed on the way, since the map did show some of the streams that crossed the path. We had a fun time counting them, and trying to figure out which ones might be large enough to count, or too small to be of significance, since a few of them were basically just downed logs someone put there to make the leap across a little less exciting.

Back at camp, we had dinner. Aaron really loves the jetboil that we received as a wedding gift. That thing boils water like no body's business. We had brought along "mush packs" for our dinners and they were amazingly simple and easy to make. (That's how we refer to the freeze-dried back packer's meals) Most of them are really good and not too expensive either. We especially like the ones from Mountain House. We considered breaking into the cake for desert, but decided that that should wait one more night until our actual anniversary.

Next post, Monday and Tuesday. :)

July 13, 2008

Camping at Lake Morena

I had my first optometrist's appointment ever on Friday. My eyes aren't bad, I just have a hard time staring at the computer all day. So, I will be getting glasses for that in 7-10 business days. I'm happy... my eyes are fine at the beginning of the week, but by the end of the week I can't see anything because my eyes are so strained.

We went camping this weekend with Tyler and Emilie. We drove out to Lake Morena on Friday. The beginning of the trip looked like it was going to be the worst camping weekend ever. My eyes were so strained that I literally couldn't see the road to get to the camping site. I needed to sleep very badly.

Now I understand that there is a definite camping "culture" and that if you don't camp, you may not always know the "accepted" way of going about doing things. However the basics are told to you upon check-in. At this particular campground quiet hour starts at 10pm and campfires are supposed to be out at 11pm. It's pretty simple. Of course there are lots of little things that you pick up on during the course of camping (like don't shine your light on other people's tents at night, don't walk through someone elses site, etc..) but if you are an inexperienced camper you usually stand out as such and people usually overlook minor blunders or will politely let you know that you are being rude. Our neighbors simply did not belong out-of-doors and should never go camping again.

As I said, quiet hour started at 10 and campfires were to be out at 11. The four of us went to bed probably just after 11:00. We attempted to fall asleep dispite our NOISY neighbors for awhile... they let off an air horn at 1:30 in the morning, we asked them nicely and not very nicely to shut up... at 2:30 when I was finally able to fall asleep they were still going strong. The next morning the adults at the campsite allowed their children to taunt us in Spanish for asking them... telling them to be quiet. They proceeded to hover near our campsite and loudly talk about us and how rude/stupid WE were... in Spanish... like we couldn't understand them. (Although Aaron had spoken to them in Spanish the night before. We talked to the rangers about them and dispite the fact that they had 17 people in a campsite with a max of 8 people, apparently there was nothing that they could do unless they were overly noisy during the day... since there are no rangers available at night to witness the atrocity of this family.

So... we moved. Accross the campground. To a site that was not nearly as nice or shady as the one we had previously been occupying. Let me tell you... It. Was. AMAZING! We ended up with some of the nicest neighbors ever. They had a brindle Pit Barrell and another dog that was a mix of probably everything in the world, but very nice. Sawyer loved playing with them. One of the guys was a swim coach for Monte Vista and had been one of the founding coaches of the Heartland Swim Association. They loved Sawyer and came over to share dog treats with him. We all had a great time. I saw a wild toad for the first time ever and even got to hold the little guy for a while. He was pretty scared so we let him go after not too long but he was the coolest, cutest little thing ever. I also saw a wild tarantula for the first time as well. :) Not as cute but still pretty cool.

There was a fire about 3 miles south of where we were... I guess. We weren't listening to the radio or anything so all we really had was hear-say. It was pretty cool to watch the helicopters filling up at the lake though.

Although the trip ended up being a pretty good one, I'm not sure I would go back to that particular campground. It was a lot further than the local ones that we usually go to, and wasn't nearly as private. Anyway, the weekend turned out pretty cool and it was nice to spend some time with Emilie, Tyler and Sawyer as well.

June 20, 2008

Dinner, Birthday, and BBQ

The other night Aaron and I went out to dinner at the Olive Garden. Now I know that doesn't sound like any big event, and I suppose it wasn't really... but Aaron has a way of making even the small things special.

I came home after a long night at work to find a note on the door instructing me to head into the bathroom, where a nice outfit was hanging up with another note instructing me on the basics of what to wear (in addition to the things that he had already chosen- shoes, makeup, etc...) and driving directions. He only included the exit number, and for those of you who don't live in California, we don't use the exit numbers here. I had no idea where I was headed until I got almost all the way there. Anyway, we had a great dinner and it is one that I remember for a long time just for the little extra touch that Aaron put on it.

Kim's birthday was Saturday and we had a pretty good day. All that she wanted for her birthday was a bike. So, Saturday morning we all met up at Target to buy Kim the pink beach cruiser that she had her eye on for a while. It took a bit longer than expected, because upon closer inspection of the bike it wasn't put together very well and was missing a few pieces of hardware. Kim went to check out Sport Chalet but the bikes there were much more expensive for not as many features. All of the REI bikes were out of the price range (and she probably wouldn't have liked any of them anyway) so Aaron took another look at the Target bike. He figured that he could fix the things that were wrong with it without too much difficulty so that was the one she ended up getting. Katie got herself a purple mountain bike (I should say rather that Mom bought it for her) and we all headed down to the house for some much needed lunch.

After a good long while (in which my wonderful husband fixed Kim's bike and adjusted it for her, adjusted Katie's bike for her AND fixed and adjusted my Mother's ancient mountain bike) we decided to finally head out on the bike path for a ride into Coronado. Norma and Natasha joined up with us out in front of the house and we made quite the bicycle gang heading up the strand. We went into town and got ice cream at Mootime before turning back. The plan was to go to dinner afterward. So Aaron and I went at a faster pace than the rest of the gang so that we could load up our bikes and head home for a shower. We all met up at Bennignans for a nice evening out. Most people were pretty pooped from the ride... and let's face it as Kim says she's 22 now... she's old.

While riding down the strand Aaron and I happened to smell the wonderful smell of roasting hot dogs and steak which was the inspiration for yesterday's shindig at Joey and Amanda's. Amanda and I went to get our nails done then we all met up at their place for a BBQ and Wii Shenanigans. All in all it was a pretty good weekend. :)

June 18, 2008

US Open, Running

Aaron worked at the US Open all last week. He got hired for this job a while back and had been looking forward to it for months. It was great money for something he really had fun doing. Anyway, on Sunday when Tiger and Rocco tied the company that Aaron's tent was catering for gave Aaron 2 tickets for the Monday playoff.

Aaron was originally planning on scalping the tickets for money, but Tyler had been planning on trying to get tickets already, and I really wanted to go, so Tyler and I took some time of work and the three of us got to go together. Aaron didn't have to work since his tent was closed, but he could still get in with his vendors badge. We had a really good time. We got seats at the 18th hole and were able to watch Tiger tie the game again!

Aaron went back on Tuesday to get some merchandise 1/2 off too. So I am planning on sending my grandpa a program, my ticket from Monday and a cool polo shirt that says "Marshall" on it. He's going to really enjoy that. I just have to get it in the mail now. :)

I've started running again. When I got new trail running shoes I went to Roadrunner and had them analyze my running style to make sure I got the right kind of shoe. I had them do that the last time that I bought shoes too. Well, apparently my feet have completely changed since I was in high school. I used to have rather flat feet and I needed stabililty shoes to correct my stride so I wouldn't put too much pressure on the wrong parts of my leg while running. Well, over time, I managed to fix my flat foot problem all on my own. I no longer need stability shoes at all. In fact, I have a rather high arch. The guy who was doing the test was absolutely amazed and told me that the shoes that I was running in could have been a huge factor in the stress fractures that I was getting everytime I decided to go running.

So, I decided to give the new shoes a shot to see if I could run pain-free. So far everything seems to be going okay. Obvioulsy I'm not pushing myself too hard though, and I'm staying off cement and asphalt completely. On the days that I don't go running Aaron and I have been going on bike rides... I love the summer! It's so much fun. Aaron and I really want to go kayaking this summer also. We are talking about maybe doing that or going white water rafting for our anneversary. Aaron is also interested in playing golf after having been at the Open all week and I'm inclined to give that a shot too. I will be horrible though. I have awful hand-eye coordination. But hey, anything that gets us outside is awesome!

June 03, 2008

Ha! I love that picture on my last entry. It had me cracking up forever.

Anyway, Aaron and I saw The Bucket List not too long ago. Great movie about two guys who get cancer and meet in the hospital while sharing a room. They both are given a fatal diagnosis and decide to make a list of things they want to do before they "kick the bucket." Now, in the movie one of the guys is a multi-millionaire which makes everything that they do a lot easier. But nevertheless, it is a great idea and I figure that since I don't have a lot of money, I'd better start on my list now. :)

So, I sat down and started thinking of everything that I'd like to do... There's a lot. But then I figured this isn't supposed to be necessarily THAT kind of list. It's supposed to be a list of things that you would regret not having done if you died tomorrow. My list actually isn't that long any more, and most of it is pretty do-able.

Work is kinda weird right now. Our new queues just went live today. Ours are pretty slow but it's supposed to pick up on Monday. I got approved to take my licensing exam. I'm kind of nervous about it since they only give you 10 weeks to study. I'm trying to find some of the material online or something so that I can get a head start. I really don't want to have to take this test twice. But from what I'm hearing most people have to take the test 2 or 3 times before they pass. My manager just scored a 36% on her last practice exam. :( But I am a hard studier and a pretty good test taker so I'm trying not to get too discouraged before I even start.

Aaron is working at the US open managing a catered tent and is loving it. He comes home tired every day but is having a lot of fun. Don't get me wrong, I don't think he'd love the job if he had to do it all the time, but for a week... he's enjoying it. He saw Veejay Sing and thinks he might have seen Phil Mickelson but he's not sure. He picked up some programs for our grandfathers and brought home a huge bag of cookies the other night. :) YUMMY!