December 09, 2007


Why is it that all girls know that when dropping a person off at their house, it is MANDATORY to wait and make sure that they get inside okay and most guys do not know this vital information?

I suppose it's probably because guys don't feel the need to have someone watch to make sure they get inside okay... and most men are horrible at empathizing. I know it's less of a hastle for men to walk somewhere if for some reason they find themselves locked out of their house. Usually they are NOT wearing heels, and they usually don't have as much reason to worry about walking alone (esp at night.) I know that we now have cell phones and if necessary you can always call someone (including the person who just left)instead of walking, but there are always such cases as forgotten cell phones, missed calls, and people who just so happen to be busy or very far away. Isn't it just so much more convienient, friendly, nice... and chivalrous to just wait for 30-45 seconds to see if someone gets in the door?

No, I was not left stranded... just something that was on my mind.

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