November 30, 2007

the missing three

So, I have decided NOT to blog about three. Three although VERY important seems to have resolved itself (at least the situation is looking better anyway)

It rained today... glorious Southern California rain. I know what you're thinking and no, not all rains are the same. There is something uniquely special about our rain. It's warm... but not too warm. It's just the right temperature that you have time to go out, run, dance, sing, and get deliriously, happily soaking before you have to come inside because you are cold... THEN you get to take a nice hot shower, get dressed in your comfy clothes and sit in front of a lovely fire and drink hot cocoa and watch a movie... with maybe some popcorn thrown in there too. (This sadly, is NOT what I'm doing tonight but knowing that I COULD if I didn't have other obligations is enough to make me ALMOST as happy.)

I love our rain, nothing feels more like Christmas to me. Only a San Diegan would think that rain is Christmasy... but for most of us it is. Snow is also very Christmasy. I still remember spending every Christmas for the better portion of my life in Montana. I'm completely torn as to which is better, maybe they are equal in their own unique ways. So, with that in mind...

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Christine said...

I love the song. And it is so true about the rain in San Diego equaling Christmas. Feel the same way.

Glad you had a great anniversary, and stay warm today! ;-P