December 18, 2007

So, last night as I was leaving work Christine called me turns out her car was pouring coolant (not leaking... pouring)So we went down to help her limp it up to FAST. That is so the thing that would happen right before Christmas... that totally sucks.

Anyway, I got to bed probably about 2:30-3:00 ish which is about normal for me, but I got a call at 5 from Kim to tell me that Katie had just been in an accident. I guess her car is totaled. She was about 5 mins into her trip home for Christmas and hadn't even gotten on the freeway yet. She was making a left turn at a green light and didn't see the other car coming. I guess the lady was going pretty fast. Katie's air bag deployed and the whole front end is smashed in. Thank god she hadn't gotten very far from April's house. Thank god nobody was seriously injured. The other lady had minimal damage to her vehicle is I guess is fine. Katie's face is a little banged up from the air bag and has bad whiplash but she should be fine.

I just keep thinking about what could have happened. What if it had been Kim instead of Katie? I know I'm doing the right thing by not supporting her drinking/partying habits but, it sucks that it means she won't talk to me anymore.

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