May 21, 2008

So, I promised myself I would make a better effort to blog more often the day before we tore our office to shreds and I was left with no access to a computer. That was smart.

Had the MRI, things are looking good. The bone is still cracked, but there was no tearing. A lot of my pain is coming from the fact that there is fluid in a place where it's not supposed to be. I totally have to take the doctor's word for this though. He showed me the picture and pointed to where the fluid is but I couldn't see a thing. He says it won't be completely healed for another six weeks but after that I should be at 100%. If I'm not then I have to go back in for some more diagnostics. In the mean time in order to work the fluid out I have to apply a topical gel, which is basically the equivalent of ibuprofen, and work my way out of the splint. I'm supposed to have the splint off for everyday tasks but wear it for any sort of lifting. Things were okay the first day but I may have over done it because I can barely move my wrist now without pain. So, only time will tell.

Aaron and I are going to watch the new Indiana Jones movie tonight. Before last week I hadn't watched a single one (except for the last few scenes of the third.) Aaron and I had a movie marathon though and now I am completely up to speed. To tell you the truth, I'm actually a little excited about this movie. Although, I am a bit afraid that it won't live up the the old ones. Harrison Ford is getting pretty old. I saw a few of his recent interviews and he seems to be getting... slow. You know what I mean. The slow that shows your age. The slow that seems like he has to think really hard about what you just said and about what he wants to say. I hope that doesn't come across in the movies. I would feel really bad for Harrison Ford if that were the case. He really was great in the first three.

Aaron's last day at the hotel is today. He's got a job lined up for the first week of June with the U.S. open, but we are still waiting to hear back from a few of his job leads. My job is still good, but office drama is getting a little overbearing. I try to keep my head down and stay out of it, but it is getting harder and harder to do. Not beacuse I'm involving myself,but because other people are starting to involve me. It's basically a war between two different groups of people and I'm kind of caught in the middle. Gosh, all I wanna do is work. Is that too much to ask for?

Still trying to come up with a good (inexpensive) idea for our anneversary trip. Top idea so far is Big Sur. It looks like it could be interesting. It's close enough that we don't have to fly, far enough that it feels like a vacation, and cheap enough that we could either camp or get a hotel. Either is nice in it's own way, so we'll see. We tossed around a lot of really great ideas. They were all just too expensive, or just not feasable within our time limitations.

Well, off to get some chores done before the movie! :)

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