October 21, 2007

Fun Bithday

So today was my b-day celebration... well technically last night.

All I wanted was something low-key. I didn't want to plan, I didn't want to call people, and I didn't want a hassle. To tell you the truth, I was ready to call the whole thing off this morning... But I had told people there would be a thing. So, I had to put together a thing.

I t worked out okay for the most part. If it weren't for my fucking sister... again... For those of you who don't know. Neither of my sisters can handle their alcohol. It seems like every time they drink anything, they drink until they are throwing up. I don't understand that. Throwing up is the worst feeling in the world. Anyway, we had a cocktail party that was fun. I, and most of my friends are extremely responsible when drinking... Which is why a cocktail party is no big deal. No one gets so drunk they can't drive home, and if they do, I have plenty of room.

Kim decided to bring guests... three military guys. She is currently passed out on my couch...after throwing up twice... sleeping with a guy that is NOT her boyfriend... and I am watching all three to make sure they don't fuck up my house. One guy is currently throwing up in my sink. Not my idea of a fun laid back night.

I'm so over this. How am I not supposed to be disappointed in her... but it makes ME judgmental when I am. They ruined my bachelorette party doing the same thing. Katie met these guys at a bar... that she is too young to get in to. My house smells like vomit and I'm up at 5 in the morning when I need to be asleep.

Why won't they just pass out already so I can go to sleep?

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