October 12, 2007



I just wanted to say that I'm really looking forward to a hike on Saturday. It's been SOOO long. I haven't been hiking since Yosemite. I know I'm probably being a little pessimistic here, but I really think something is gonna come up to prevent me from going. Let's hope not.

In other news. I got a kitten last Sunday. It's been 4 days and still isn't going great. It's getting better every day, but I'm a little afraid it won't work out. Which would totally suck 'cause I'd have to give the little guy up. It's not even just that ... really. The whole reason I decided to get him was in the hopes that he could be a playmate for Aude. She's been really needy lately and wants to play CONSTANTLY. Evan (the kitten) is shaping up to be about as playful... if only Aude would accept him.

Well, I voulenteered to go in an hour early for work tomorrow (overtime is great) so I'd better get off to bed!

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